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Symbolic International located in San Diego is one of the premier dealers of classic cars and vintage race cars in the world.  All of our spectacular vehicles are available for purchase and worldwide delivery.

 As one of the premier dealers of Historic and Racing Automobiles in the world, Symbolic has deep roots in the collectible car market. Our knowledgeable team, with over 100 years of combined experience can help you find the perfect car for your collection.

You are welcome to visit our dedicated collectible car showroom which is open for business at the new location in San Diego.

11425 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, Ca 92121.

Contact us whether you are looking to buy or sell something special. We are always interested!

Our Team

  • Bill Noon
    Bill Noon Sales Executive

    Born in Norwood, Massachusetts. Bill has been fascinated with all types of machinery since birth.  Bill grew up on a small farm in New England and has vivid memories of barely being able to walk while holding a flashlight for his father while he worked on the family car or machinery in and around the house. Bill has been with Symbolic since the beginning and is highly involved with all of our operations since. Bill has a vast knowledge of classic cars and is our go to guy to research histories and provenance. Bill also has a personal car collection and is involved constantly in rallies, events and auctions.

    (+1) 619-840-7811

  • Marc Chase
    Marc Chase Founder / Co-Owner

    Born in Los Angeles, California, Marc attended University at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is the founder of Symbolic Motor Car Company. Over the course of 25 years he built up Symbolic to be one of the the largest Collectible and Exotic car dealerships in the world. In 2000, Marc partnered with Patrick Van Schoote to transform Symbolic International into what it is today. Marc is the backbone of our business and highly respected in the international car world.

    Ph (+1) 858-259-0100

  • Patrick Van Schoote
    Patrick Van Schoote President / Co-Owner

    Born in Ghent, Belgium, Patrick attended the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland. After University he worked in Geneva where he was first introduced to the vintage car world. During the following years he lived in Japan where he was closely involved with some of the largest car collections and formed a tight bond with major Japanese collectors. In Japan he also raced professionally in GT cars for 5 years, further entrenching himself in the car lifestyle.
    He became part owner of Symbolic in 2000. During this period Symbolic was enjoying rapid growth and widely recognized as one of the preeminent Vintage car dealers in the world. Today Patrick still maintains tight bonds with the Japanese collectors and travels there constantly to source great cars for our dealership.

    p: (+1) 858-722-2200

  • Fred
    Fred Shop Manager

    Born in Buffalo, New York, Fred attended Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga  California. Majoring in Racecar Technology and Engine Rebuilding, Fred has a vast knowledge of vintage and racing cars. He started working on cars in 1974 and is now in charge of our in house shop operations. Specializing throughout his career in Classics and Exotics he has built a great reputation and is our go to guy for making our cars perfect.

    Ph (+1) 858-259-0100

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Controller / Office Manager

    Born in Detroit, Michigan, Elizabeth has been involved with cars from a early age including having hands-on experience helping her father work on their families vehicles. Elizabeth has been in the car business for 20+ years and started with Symbolic in 2003. Since then she has held various positions and now is one of the key cogs that makes Symbolic run, handling the majority of our day-to-day operations.

    Ph (+1) 858-259-0100

  • Luisa
    Luisa Executive Assistant

    Born in Mexico City, Mexico. Luisa has an MBA in Business Administration and Management  and a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. Since joining Symbolic in 2011 Luisa has been  taking care of our upper management and has helped transform our new location into a world-class, dedicated classic car facility. She has grown to love cars and is a integral part of our team.

    (+1) 858-259-0100

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