1987 Aston-Martin Vantage X-Pack


Vehicle Specifications
Stock No.: 580
Year: 1987
Make: Aston-Martin Vantage X-Pack
Model: Vantage X-Pack
Chassis No.: SCFCV81V2HTL12572
Engine No.:
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Mileage  8808 km



Located in the USA…

1987 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

– A Ultra-Rare, Original Left-Hand-Drive Aston Factory “X-Pack” Five-Speed, Manual Transmission with only 8,800 Original Kilometers.

– Documented Single Owner From New!

Small Series 1 of 26
Exterior / Interior Color Black / Black
Condition Pristine
Mileage 8.808 km
Transmission Manual Shift
– The Aston Martin V8 Vantage was hailed at its 1977 introduction as “Britain’s First Supercar” for its 170 mph (270 km/h) top speed.

– Its engine was shared with the Lagonda, but it used high-performance camshafts, increased compression ratio, larger inlet valves and bigger carburettors mounted on new manifolds for increased output.

– Straight-line performance was the best of the day, with acceleration from 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in 5.3 seconds, one-tenth of a second quicker than Ferrari’s mighty Daytona!
The first series examples produced 375bhp and series specific details such as a blanked bonnet vent and a separate rear spoiler. 38 of these were built (plus 13 “Cosmetic” versions for the US market.

– The Oscar India (for 1 October, the date of introduction) version, introduced in late 1978, featured an integrated tea-tray spoiler and smoother bonnet bulge.

– Inside, a black leather-covered dash replaced the previous walnut. The wooden dashboard did find its way back into the Vantage during the eighties, giving a more luxurious appearance.

– The Oscar India version also received a slight increase in power, to 390bhp. This line was produced, with some running changes, until 1989. From 1986 on the engine produced just over 400bhp.
The Vantage name had previously been used on a number of high-performance versions of Aston Martin cars, but this was a separate model. Although based on the Aston Martin V8, numerous detail changes added up to a unique driving experience.

– One of the most noticeable features was the closed-off hood bulge rather than the open scoop found on the normal V8. The grille area was also closed off, with twin driving lights inserted and a spoiler added to the bootlid.
The 1986–1989 580 “X-Pack” was a further upgrade, with Cosworth pistons and Nimrod racing-type heads producing 403bhp.

A “big bore” after-market option was also available from Works Service, with 50mm carbs (instead of 48mm) and straight-through exhaust system giving 432bhp (the same engine as fitted to the limited-edition V8 Zagato.

– 16-inch wheels were also now fitted.

– If this wasn’t enough, a 450bhp, 6.3-litre version was also available from Aston Martin, and independents offered a 7-litre version!
1988/1989 Aston Martin Vantage “X-PACK”:

304 Series 2 Vantage coupés were built – including 132 X-Packs in spite of only having been officially introduced in 1986, near the very end of production. There was also a “Cosmetic” X-Pack Vantage package for the US Swiss and Japanese markets, with fuel injection instead of Weber carburetors. Six of these cosmetic “X-Pack” versions were completed.
A total of 14 Series 2 X-Pack coupés and 56 Volantes were built.

– The Cosmetic X-Pack Vantages all used fuel-injected engines and retained the Vantage name and all of the various body alterations – though the lack of carburetors saw the use of a less attractive, streamlined and flattened hood.
This particular original Manual Transmission, V8 Vantage “X-Pack” Aston Martin is one of the rarest versions completed. Factory records confirm that a total of just 132 original “X-Pack Vantage Specification V8s were completed. Of these only 33 were completed with left-hand-drive steering and of those, just 26 received the five-speed manual transmission. It is also important to note that this is the sole example of the 26 built that was finished with the exterior color and interior in black!

– Was ordered new by the West German Aston Martin Distributor in the Spring of 1987. The order was however switched during completion of the vehicle and it was instead invoiced new to the Aston Distributor in Japan and then sold new to Kawabe Butsan Co Ltd in Osaka on May 13th, 1987.

– The vehicle was first road-registered in Japan on more than a year later on December 22nd, 1988. It would remain corporately owned by Kawabe Butsan Co Ltd over the next 28 years until our purchase late in July of this year.
This Aston Martin was special ordered, completed new and remains to this day as follows:

Axle Ratio 3.54:1

Steering Left-Hand-Drive

Exterior Paint Cannock Black

Interior Connolly Full Leather Black (8500)

Carpet Black Onslow Edged in Black (8500)

Headliner Grey (7360)

Production Department Notes:

-Vehicle to be prepared to Carburettor V8 Vantage Manual Transmission X-Pack Specification West German Specifications

-Production Computer Code D (West German Market)

-Convex Door Mirrors (Left & Right)

-Left Hand Dipping Lights

-74% Thermostat for Warm Weather Climate

-Fit only Catalyst Warning Light on Instrument Panel

-Delete Rear Fog Lamps

-Side Repeater Flashers

-Box for export and shipping
This Aston has been ultra-carefully preserved and conserved by her original, long-term owner having covered only 8,800 kilometers (5,468 miles) from new. It is sold with all services current and up to date and it is of course, all matching numbers, rust and accident free.